26,029 meals delivered in 2021

Food 4 Heroes has had another busy year serving over 26,000 healthy and nutritious meals across the UK.   The new year started with increasing numbers attending hospital followed by another lockdown.  Since October 2020 our focus was mainly around food poverty, however we received requests from a number of hospitals in Southern England where we delivered over 1000 meals throughout March.   In Northamptonshire we delivered 12,579 meals to those in food poverty during the year and we commenced our food offering to food banks in Yorkshire with 7,376 meals served across the region.  

We delivered 3,320 meals to three London based food banks during the first half of 2021 and 160 in Norfolk during the initial lockdown.  

In December we delivered a Christmas meal to 45 elderly members of a community in Byfield,  and we teamed up with Barclays employees from their large site in Northampton, where they not only carried out a large fundraising campaign but also volunteered to hand out Christmas meals across Northamptonshire.  Over 1400 meals were prepared by Portfolio Events in Kettering of which 70 were sent to Northampton General to be eaten by the ICU staff during Christmas Eve and Day.

Our focus for 2022 is to increase our food education offering, to encourage work opportunities into the hospitality sector, for those on low income or in food poverty, and to identify new channels to provide meals to further food banks.   With the success of our Christmas meal project in Northamptonshire, we also would like to expand this to other regions.  

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