Offering fresh and nutritious meals alongside non-perishable food parcels

Foodbanks usually see a surge in demand in the winter months. This year, due to COVID-19, many people have suffered a loss of income or employment. As a result, The Trussell Trust is expecting a 61 percent increase in food parcel distribution forecast for October-December 2020. 

Our meals are not a replacement for the vital non-perishable staples given out in food parcels but they provide the opportunity for service users to enjoy a freshly cooked, nutritious meal that they just have to heat up.

Following a successful pilot, we are now working with foodbanks nationwide enabling them to provide cooked meals alongside their standard food parcels.

If you manage a foodbank please do get in touch, we will discuss your chilled foods storage capacity or needs and try to match you with a local pub, restaurant, caterer and delivery company.

“What a treat! It was so nice to put some fresh food on the table, it feels like we’ve been living on canned and packet food for months, well to be fair we have been since S was put on furlough. I’m not knocking the food parcels that we have had, they have saved us, but these meals were another level tasty!”

Case Study: Weston Favell foodbank

The first and the largest foodbank in the pilot scheme. Weston Favell foodbank in Northamptonshire serves a community that is classed in the top 10 percent for food deprivation in the UK.

Due to COVID-19, the foodbank has seen a dramatic rise in demand – in October 2020 they supported 1,229 people – well over twice as many as the same month in 2019.

Put forward by Northamptonshire Community Foundation to be part of the Food4Heroes pilot scheme, the Weston Favell foodbank is now able to give out 150 freshly cooked, nutritious meals per week alongside its standard parcels of non-perishable food.

Weston Favell is supplied by The Old White Hart pub in Lyddington which prepares the meals each week whilst Portfolio Events ensures their safe delivery to the foodbank premises. Storage capacity was provided by a generous donation of a fridge and freezer by AEG.

“It’s hard work cooking a complete and tasty meal using only tinned and packet items. Food4Heroes fresh meals have meant that we can give individuals and families the small luxury of a ready cooked, nourishing meal that they can just heat up at home.”

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We want foodbanks nationwide to have the opportunity to offer healthy and nutritious pre-cooked meals from local suppliers.

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