Food4Heroes is a not for profit (applying for UK Charity status) organisation which coordinates a network of food suppliers and foodbanks to help support those living in food poverty. We are almost exclusively staffed by unsalaried volunteers.

  • To help alleviate food poverty by providing – or supporting the provision of – food to individuals struggling to feed themselves or their families and/or to charities or other organisations working to help those in need.


  • The advancement of health for the public benefit by the distribution of food to individuals working on the front line in times of national crisis. Including but not limited to NHS front-line staff, health and social care workers and other key workers.


  • The advancement of health for the public benefit by the provision of information about healthy eating. Helping to alleviate the burden that poor nutrition places on the NHS.

Food4Heroes started during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic when management consultant, John Brownhill, recognised an opportunity to use furloughed catering and restaurant staff to cook meals for NHS front line workers. Working with his sister, Amanda Guest, owner of Guest Dining Ltd, John quickly established the infrastructure to enable the scheme to expand. Catering companies, pubs and restaurants around the UK worked to provide fresh, nutritious meals to NHS staff that they could heat up at home.

In the first phase of the initiative, over 230,000 meals were delivered to 43 hospitals and NHS sites across the country. Food4Heroes now works with foodbanks to support those struggling to feed themselves or their families.

Currently we are supplying meals to three foodbanks in the Northamptonshire area, but we are working hard to roll out the scheme nationwide. If you manage a foodbank and would like to get involved, please contact the team. See our current locations.

Our partners provide healthy meals that have been thoughtfully prepared so that all the foodbank customer has to do is heat it up. Meals might include things like casseroles, pasta dishes, chillies or even roast dinners with all the trimmings, vegetarian diets are also catered for. The aim is to provide a balanced healthy meal without the need for the recipient to supplement with extras such as potatoes or rice.

No, the cooked meals are given out in addition to the usual food parcels.

We’re working with several pubs local to our current foodbanks. As more foodbanks sign up we will expand our network. We welcome any support from pubs, cafes, restaurants and caterers so please get in touch if you think you can help. See our current locations.

We ensure that all deliveries fully comply with the appropriate health and safety standards.

Our partners receive up to £2 per meal to cover the cost of ingredients, packaging and delivery. The scheme is funded by donations from the public, businesses and grants.

As part of the pilot, AEG supplied a fridge and freezer to each of the foodbanks involved to ensure the meals could be safely stored. As the scheme is expanded we will work with each foodbank to ensure they have the facilities and capacity to store the meals appropriately.

Foodbanks operate in a variety of ways to best meet their customers’ needs. Usually individuals or families are referred to foodbanks by their local authorities or other support organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Homestart or other charities. 

Foodbanks make up food parcels to meet the nutritional needs of each household. For our partner foodbanks, this includes, where possible Food4Heroes fresh meals.

Each foodbank is responsible for determining the distribution of the meals it receives through Food4Heroes.

Get in touch with the Food4Heroes team here

Get in touch with the Food4Hereos team here

There are lots of ways you can help. If you are interested in becoming one of our food or delivery partners please fill in the form here.

Businesses can choose to support Food4Heroes and we welcome any size of donation from individuals, community groups and other organisations. 

Currently you can opt to support the national Food4Heroes scheme or, in the areas we are currently operating in, you can choose to support your local foodbank. We’re working hard to expand the scheme throughout the UK so more localised funding opportunities will be coming soon. Follow the links to donate here

Additionally if you’d like to get involved with the running of Food4Heroes please view the latest vacancies here.

We welcome any support from individuals, schools, community groups or businesses, get in touch or donate here

Businesses are very welcome to support Food4Heroes as a one-off donation or as their charity of the year. Get in touch with the team to discuss how you can help the scheme nationally or in your local area.

You can choose to support Food4Heroes in one of the current operating areas or opt to donate to the national scheme. As our network expands into new regions there will be more opportunities for localised donations. Follow the links here to donate.

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We want foodbanks nationwide to have the opportunity to offer healthy and nutritious pre-cooked meals from local suppliers.

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